My Story

Why Elephants?

First, let's talk about why I chose elephants to represent the SLH Solutions and Second Life Careers brands. Our story starts in 2013...


Already having a deep love of elephants, seeing them in their own habitat had an amazing impact and on a magical trip to Kenya (Africa) I got to go on multiple safari's and snapped the pictures you’ll see across both websites and all of the marketing materials.

So on to this amazing story...

As I was leaving the final safari park (of their two week journey) in Masai Mara with a caravan of five other trucks, a large female elephant (aka, a cow) looked like she was going to charge the safari truck Sarah and her group (five women) were in. The entire group were definitely nervous but suddenly realized the SUV in front of them had separated mother from calf.


Click here to read the ending (less than two minutes)...

Why Elephants?

Image by Skye Studios

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