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Why do You

want to start a business?

Who is Your target audience?

How is Your

online presence?

What is most pressing for the growth of

Your business?

Taking a holistic approach to
your business

SLH Solutions offers a variety of marketing and strategy services to help support your business, allowing you to build your online presence by creating a solid foundation that incorporates every aspect of getting your business known locally and/or domestically.

Our consulting services are for solopreneurs, small-to-medium sized business and startups to implement holistic marketing and business strategies that create various streams of revenue while making sense for the organization financially and supportively. From building your website to creating your Google Business Profile, social media, blogging, newsletters and more. We collaborative and want to help implement digital marketing solutions that fit the need of your teams and your business.

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Dig Deep into Your Vision

Review Goals,

Needs, Wants &Timeline

A Holistic Approach to Website & Online Presence

Website Design, Branding, Content


Help My Business Stand Out

Strategic Approach for Launch & Ongoing Revenue Development


We offer a free 30-minute consultation to discuss your needs and challenges in order to develop a custom package(s) tailored to meet your specific personal, professional and financial goals for your business. From vector logos and and branding, to professional websites, backend operational systems, content creation and social media, SLH Solutions is a one-stop shop for your small and medium-sized business start-up or rebranding needs.

It's your vision,
let's collaborate.

Meet Our Founder

In working within various industries, consulting and providing strategic solutions, Sarah's unique corporate experience allows her to offer creative, flexible solutions and services to better aid an individual or solopreneur, small or medium-sized business in deciding on the best strategy for the launch, rebrand and/or ongoing growth of their company. To that end, she loves to help her clients realize their dreams by providing solutions that fit their business. As such, SLH Solutions has a variety of relationships to help its clients in building their online presence holistically, making sure to take advantage of all available solutions to maximize the exposure of the clients business.


Sarah Hannah, Founder & CEO
SLH Solutions &
Second Life Careers

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